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Who We Are

An Ohio-based non-profit leveraging technology platforms to increase access for underserved communities.

The Problem

As technology evolves, underserved populations are often left behind, moving them from thriving, to just surviving.

Navigating the technological landscape can be daunting...

Unclear Information

Irrelevant Results

Inefficient Searching

Fragmented Programs

...preventing people from achieving upward social mobility.

The Solution

Technology designed for all.

Our Mission

To promote upward social mobility for underserved populations, engaging them with transformative opportunities through our connected partner network of high-impact support programs and community resources.

Focus Areas

Access to Good Food

Hydrate food deserts, promote nutritious habits, and improve food options for the underserved.

Access to Fair-Wage Jobs

Increase awareness of job opportunities, promote access to job training, and improve quality of life.

Access to Affordable Healthcare

Promote better decision making, improve access to convenient healthcare options, and expand awareness of wellness choices.

Access to Reliable Transportation

Improve access to low-cost mobility options, deliver on-demand services, and provide a seamless transportation network.

What We Do

Transitus provides technology platforms for underserved communities, increasing their access to essential resources such as food, jobs, healthcare, and transportation, fostering true economic mobility.

Mobile App

Smart-phone-based applications for access to opportunities

Data Driven

Intelligent decision making to improve searching efficiency

Community Focused

Vetted network of partners, resources, and program providers


Platform architecture that supports inter-agency collaboration

Our Partners

Transitus strives to make a positive impact through strong community partnerships and a coalition of committed corporations.


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