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Who We Are

A student-created, Ohio non-profit focused on reliable, low-cost mobility options for the underserved.

The Problem

Current transportation system is fragmented and unreliable, preventing underserved people from getting to the places that matter.

Percentage of annual income spent on transportation

Upper Class
Lower Class
Middle Class

*based on data from bureau of labor statistics

The Solution

Reliable, Low-Cost Transportation

Our Mission

To provide programs and platforms for smart mobility options supporting the transportation of goods, people, and services into and out of underserved areas, improving the quality of life for at-risk populations.

Focus Areas

Access to Good Food

Hydrate food deserts, promote nutritious habits, and improve food options for the underserved.

Access to Fair-Wage Jobs

Increase awareness of job opportunities, promote access to job training, and improve quality of life.

Access to Affordable Healthcare

Promote better decision making, improve access to convenient healthcare options, and expand awareness of wellness choices.

What We Do

Transitus provides a unified platform giving underserved people access to food, jobs, and healthcare through a seamless transportation network.

Our Partners

Transitus strives to make a positive impact in the areas of food, jobs, and healthcare through community partnerships.


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